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Based in Waterlooville in Hampshire, we have been selling Silver .Coins since 2014 with particular interest in the 1oz market. Our aim is good customer service and fast delivery of our coins to the customer.

Silver Bullion Rounds

Silver coins can be an excellent choice for someone looking to buy bullion in smaller quantities and for reasonable prices. Silver rounds look quite similar to silver coins, though there are some pretty big differences between the two. Silver rounds do not have any legal tender value. In addition, because silver rounds are not good, legal tender, they are not produced by governments but rather by private mints. For investors looking to accumulate ounces of silver bullion, silver rounds can be used in addition to or in place of silver bars. It typically comes down to how many ounces one may be looking to get and their personal preference. We sell assortment of both at DRM Silver Coins.

The New Silver Cycle is Set to Surge

Silver to Hit New Records in 2015

There's a reason they call silver “The Devil's Metal.” It suffers from wild price fluctuations and can make or break investors in a matter of months.

While 2014 was a down year for silver, it has set up an incredible opportunity for 2015. This year is shaping up to be the best time to load up on silver in almost a decade...

If there is one thing you need to know about silver prices, it's that they move in a cycle.

We are testing a bottom for silver prices right now. One indication of this is the historical cycle in which silver has peaked, crashed, bottomed, then began rising again. If you look at the last four cycles, silver rode a very similar wave.

If you look at the last four boom/bust cycles for silver, you can see that they have taken approximately 1.75 to 2.5 years.

If history serves, that means we're staring at the start of a new silver boom that could send prices to new highs starting as early as this year.

Since silver's bottom in November 2001, it has had four launch lows, breakouts, highs, and crash lows. The next launch low is starting right now, and the coming breakout should lead to new highs. Say hello to the fifth cycle.

In our new report The 2015 Silver Forecast, we'll show you the last four silver cycles and outline exactly the catalyst that will send silver soaring to new highs. The current cycle is happening as we speak, so don't delay.

Simply tell us where to send your free report, and we'll rush it to you right away.

Mark my words, silver will come roaring back... but you need to act fast.

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